Need directions to the event? Then look no further! With plenty of public transport options, getting to the Sydney Olympic Park is a breeze.


This map will help you to find and compare the best deals for staying in Sydney. You can also book your hotel or airbnb directly here.


If you’re driving, parking anywhere in the Olympic Park will be a maximum cost of $25 per day. With over 3,000 spaces for your car at Qudos Bank Arena itself and over 7,000 within a 10 minute walk we’ve got you covered!

For your convenience, we encourage you to pre-book your parking space by midnight the day before you are attending to guarantee yourself a car spot and to make your experience smoother on the day. Visit the Sydney Olympic Park Parking site to book.

Public Transport?

The easiest and cheapest way to get to the event is by public transport. No matter where you’re staying in Sydney, there is a cost efficient way to get to the Sydney Olympic Park by using Sydney’s network of trains and buses.

To catch any public transport in Sydney (including ferries!!!) make sure you have an Opal card. These can be purchased around train stations and in convenience stores, and need to be charged up with money before use.

To plan out your trip, Transport NSW has a trip planner with live updates. Google Maps is another good tool that shows you a variety of routes you can take using public transport. Alternately, the TripView app has a free version which is handy for live timetable updates. You can get it on iTunes or Google Play.

Trains run from Lidcombe Station to the Sydney Olympic Park every 10 minutes. With Qudos Bank Arena being a five minute walk from the Olympic Park Station. While you’re in Lidcombe waiting for the train, you can have a coffee and cake at local cafes like The Smelly Cheesecake (better than the name sounds!) or Cafe Cherry Beans (our favourite)!

Buses also operate on a regular basis to the Sydney Olympic park.