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esports IN THE qudos bank arena

As Australia’s largest permanent indoor sports and entertainment venue and ranked within the top 10 arenas worldwide, Qudos Bank Arena will again play host to the third consecutive Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney event. One of four global stops in the calendar year, IEM Sydney shares similar prestige in the gaming sphere to that of the Australian Open Grand Slam in Tennis. Having welcomed over 12,000 visitors last year and expecting even more in 2019 there’s no doubt the atmosphere will be electric as fans cheer on their favourite team and show why Australia’s crowds are the best in the world.

What's ESL?

We bring electronic sports to the biggest stages in the world! Several times a year we organize legendary events with prices in the millions and create unforgettable moments for gaming fans. Whether live on location, at the public viewing or at home at the PC – our events are the highlights of the year!

What's eSport

More than just gambling! The term consists of “electronic” and “sport” and describes the competition between two or more players who compete against each other in a computer game. As with any sport, only skill decides every victory – and of course defeat.

Who visits the events?

Fans from all over the world! Whether male, female, old or young, age and gender only play a minor role here. The passion for Esport is shared by visitors who come to the stadium to take part in the live matches and cheer on their favourite teams.


Unlike other sporting events, our young visitors are not brushed on riots, but only interested in the action on the big stage. But one thing is certain: trained personnel are on site around the clock and take care that no minors enter the stadium.


Next to the action on the big stage, the arena also invites you to stroll around: Numerous activities such as signing sessions with the teams, shopping opportunities at partner shops, competitions with sponsors round off the joint Esport experience perfectly!


Video games and Esports are simply a part of it for many young people these days. So how about a little stadium atmosphere as a gift? From a simple weekend ticket to a premium package including drinks and goodies, there’s a gift for every fan – goose bumps guaranteed!


On different playing fields, also called maps, two groups, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists, plunge round by round into the battle. Each side has different goals: The terrorists try to place a bomb on fixed spots within the given time and have to protect it until it detonates. The task of the CT’s is to prevent this or to successfully defuse the bomb. Both teams have a large selection of weapons, grenades and other aids to choose from, which each of the 10 players can always buy at the beginning of a round.

Anyone who thinks of a pointless hullabaloo is wrong. Because as in any sporting competition, only skill decides victory or defeat – and especially in CS:GO it depends on a whole range of different skills: Lightning-fast reflexes, good hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking in a team are just a few examples that make a successful professional player!

“Keeping our concept for the protection of minors up to date is our top priority. With the increasing number of events this year, our responsibility for the hundreds of thousands of spectators who flock to the stadiums and arenas every year is also growing. We have therefore been working closely with the USK since the beginning of 2016 and have thus set an important starting point for making our events suitable for young visitors in particular and offering them a memorable Esport event under the appropriate conditions. Currently Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Australia from the age of 15+ is released and we comply exactly with the official requirements. Even with parental consent or an accompanying person, young people under the age of 15 are not granted access – the trained personnel at the entrance controls pay more attention to the identity cards of the visitors and ensure that minors do not get to the event.

Nick Vanzetti