IEM Katowice attendee update

IEM Katowice attendee update

Going into IEM Katowice we have updated our health and safety guidelines. We have worked closely with the local government and health authorities to add additional precautions for everyone attending. As part of the precautions, we have added health screening for all attendees, including temperature checks at entryways, additional medical professionals onsite, and additional sanitization stations onsite. 

What does this mean for fans attending the event?

The only noticeable change will be a simple temperature check and potential interviews at a checkpoint before entering the venue. We’ll also be adding extra medical staff, first aid patrols and additional hygiene stations for all visitors, as well as educating our attendees on personal health & safety. 

We’ve ensured that players, press & special guests coming from high risk areas hold a valid health certificate or were requested to attend additional health screenings. 

The health of players, fans and our crew working on-site is always our top priority.