Season 14 Updates to the Intel® Extreme Masters Rulebook

Season 14 Updates to the Intel® Extreme Masters Rulebook

In order to ensure a fair competition ahead of IEM Katowice 2020, we have updated the competition’s rulebook.

Please note that these changes refer to the overall Intel® Extreme Masters Rulebook that governs all competitions and games at the event, not the specific IEM Katowice 2020 Masters Championship Rulebook, which is separate. These are the most important revisions:


- 2.12.4 - Lineup changes "8 hours" rule: Added a longer time for the first match of an offline event.

Event Rules

- 4.9. Tech pauses after signing the checklist can be penalized with 1 minor PP.

Rule Violations, Punishments and ESIC

- 5.9 - Added guidelines for long punishments of severe infractions.

- 5.11.5 - Item rule update: not just damaging/soiling but also potentially damaging.

Game Specific Rules StarCraft II

-6.2.1 - Updated SC2 Map Pool and Veto rule.

Game Specific Rules Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

- 7.3.4. - Changed rule for map selection: latest at halftime of the potential final map of the previous match.

- 7.3.4 - Vetos must not be made public before ESL does so.

- 7.7.2 - Updated the offline coaching rule so that 1. warnings count for an entire event, not per match; 2. teams may receive a pre-warning in case they have been known to abuse this, then the first incident will lead to the penalty immediately.

- 7.10.6 - Updated joining wrong team on server rule.

- 7.10.7 - Added rule for suiciding by kill or other (e.g. Vertigo jumping).

- 7.3.1 - Vertigo has replaced Cache in the map pool.

Click here to read the full official Intel® Extreme Masters Rulebook.