IEM Rulebook Update: Suicide During Matches

IEM Rulebook Update: Suicide During Matches

We are suspending article “7.10.7 - Suicide During Matches” from the IEM Season 14 Rulebook effective immediately.

In our latest update of the IEM Rulebook, we introduced the following article to discourage actions that negatively affected the competition based on recent experiences and community feedback in the German ESL National Championship:

“A player is not allowed to intentionally cause suicides of their player character. This includes using the “kill” command or using map features to deny kills to the opposing team (such as jumping off on Vertigo).” 

After a careful internal review, we are reverting this decision. We will engage in a deeper discussion about the rule in question with the Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association to ensure that all efforts to improve the viewing experience for fans at home are fully aligned with all relevant stakeholders.

This revision applies to IEM Beijing-Haidian and all participating teams have been informed.