2017 - Above & Beyond: Astralis’ Ambition

2017 - Above & Beyond: Astralis’ Ambition

2017 dawned as the beginning of the Astralis era where the Great Danes found victory at IEM Katowice over FaZe Clan. The Spodek Arena erupted as the soon-to-be world's most accomplished squad began to flourish at the home of esports laying claim to the $250,000 spoils.

Astralis leveled the playing field, ending the hopes of a FaZe Clan roster looking to earn themselves a prestigious trophy at IEM Katowice 2017. Lead by coach Zonic, the Danes displayed a violently powerful roster even before Magisk had been welcomed to the exclusive Danish lineup. Xyp9x glowed as the sharpshooter of the tournament and earned himself the HLTV.org MVP of the event boasting thirteen 1vX clutch wins, the next closest was FaZe Clan’s kioShiMa with eight. Securing a 1.21 rating and 1.24 impact rating spanning across the event, Xyp9x no doubt pioneered Astralis’ ascension leading to a trophy lift.

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Astralis Ascends

The Danish roster had only just found a superb victory at the Atlanta Major two months shy of competing at IEM Katowice 2017. Completing their roster with the addition of young star Kjaerbye mid 2016, the Astralis roster exhibited vital signs of promise moving into IEM Katowice 2017. Dropping only three of fifteen total maps during the entire tournament, with only one loss during the grand finals to FaZe Clan [3:1], Astralis began to build a cohesive cocoon Counter-Strike had never seen before.

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Fazed & Dazed

Facing his former teammates on Astralis, karrigan had a lot to prove alongside NiKo, rain, kioShiMa, allu and coach RobbaN. Having their core roster together for seven months, results were pertinent for the European mix to cement their prospects of bringing together such a powerful roster of stars. Placing 3rd-4th at IEM Oakland 2016 four months beforehand, IEM Katowice 2017 acted as a notable tournament for the potential of FaZe Clan to win. Securing four of their five group stage matches, with their single loss to Astralis, the group stages foreshadowed the obstacle they'd have to overcome in the final.

With decisive leadership, FaZe met a flourishing Brazilian Immortals roster sweeping them in the Semifinals 16:9 & 16:10. Meeting Astralis in the Grand Finals, FaZe Clan failed to reconcile the strength of their roster thus losing to the Danes 1:3. The loss must have boiled in the bellies of the Europeans as FaZe Clan did get some retribution a couple of months later eliminating Astralis from IEM Sydney 2017 in the Semifinals.

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