starcraft ii

25th february - 3rd march 2019


25th Feb - Ro76

11am - First Match


26th Feb - Ro76

11am - First Match


28th Feb - Ro24

11:45am - First Match


1st Mar - Ro24

09:00am - Early Entrance

11:00am - Regular Entrance

11:45am - First Match


2nd Mar - Ro12 & Ro8

09:00am - Early Entrance

11:00am - Regular Entrance

11:45am - First Match


3rd Mar - Ro4 & Ro2

09:00am - Early Entrance

11:00am - Regular Entrance

11:00am - First Match


This competition will be the 36th ESL-hosted SC2 competition since the inaugural StarCraft II Intel® Extreme Masters competition at gamescom in 2010. The tournament is once again taking place at the legendary Spodek Arena, deep within the heart of European professional gaming, Katowice. Competition begins on February 25 and 26 for the round of 76, which will be broadcast in studio at ESL Arena Katowice. Players will be invited to sign up to compete in qualifiers for this phase of the tournament, giving them the opportunity to advance to the Group Stages which will be held February 28–March 1 in ICC Katowice (Auditorium). On March 2, those who emerge from the Group Stage will battle it out for the lion's share of the more than $250,000 USD prize pool. Both the semi-finals and the Grand Finals will take place on March 3 on the Spodek Arena's main stage.


  • Ro76 - 4 double elimination brackets of 16 players (64). 12 players advance to the next round, and they'll be joined by 12 players from the online qualifiers.
  • Ro24 - 4 groups of 6 players. Round robin format with three players from each group advancing. to the Ro12.
  • Ro12 - Single elimination bracket. Players who placed 1st in their group will advance directly to the quarterfinals with 2nd/3rd finishing players competing in the Ro12.
  • Ro64 & Ro24 - Bo3
  • Ro12 - Bo5
  • Grand Final - Bo7

prize pool

total: $400,000*

1st: $150,000

2nd: $65,000

3-4th: $25,000

5-8th: $10,000

9-12th: $5,000

13-16th: $3,000

17-20th: $2,500

21-24th: $2,000

25-28th: $1,550

29-36th: $1,250

37-44th: $900

45-60th: $600

(+$200 per win in the Ro24)


February 25TH

February 26TH

feb 27th - tournament break

February 28TH - A stream

February 28TH - b stream

February 28TH - c stream

MARCH 1 - a stream

MARCH 1 - b stream

MARCH 1 - c stream


MARch 2

march 3