Level up your event coin & receive souvenir packages live with the ESL Event app!

Level up your event coin & receive souvenir packages live with the ESL Event app!

Are you attending the Intel® Extreme Masters Katowice CS:GO Major 2019 but don’t want to miss out on your souvenir packages? This is the solution!

Our “ESL Event” app, available on iOS and Android, allows attendees at IEM Katowice to collect in-game souvenir packages exactly as if they were watching the streams at home. These are the steps you need to follow to ensure you’ll receive your items:

1 - Download the App

The “ESL Event” app is your perfect companion at IEM Katowice. Not only will you have all relevant schedules at the palm of your hand, but you’ll need it in order to secure your Viewer Pass souvenir packages.

Click here to download the ESL Event App on Android or iOS.

2 - Link your Steam account

When you start up the app, select IEM Katowice as your active event. Open the menu on the left sidebar and click on “Viewer Pass” and use the login details of your Steam account to link it to the app.

3 - Check in at the start of each day

After you’ve linked your account to the app, you’ll still have to check in every day at the venue to secure your drops. This option will only be enabled if you are in the vicinity of the venue. Please remember to check in every day you’re attending to secure those souvenir packages.

4 - Enjoy your souvenir packages

If you followed all the steps in this guide, you’ll have some sick in-game mementos of your visit to IEM Katowice every time you play CS:GO.

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