Katowice 2019 Souvenir Packages: what they are and how to get them

Katowice 2019 Souvenir Packages: what they are and how to get them

A new era of Counter-Strike

With the Katowice Major 2019 Challengers Stage under way, fans both old and new will be itching to make the most of such an anticipated event.

In the past, players could obtain random weapon drops simply by watching professional Counter-Strike tournaments. However, the chances of obtaining one of these highly coveted drops were extremely low, and many players could watch multiple events without earning a single one. With CS:GO now free to play, the potential for people to abuse this system became apparent.

Enter the Viewer Pass, a new CS:GO feature making its debut at the Katowice 2019 Major. The Viewer Pass is a one-time purchase that grants a whole range of cool stuff, from a fancy Coin you can display on your profile, to stickers and graffiti. The highlight, however, are the Souvenir Packages.

What is a Souvenir Package?

It’s essentially a box containing a weapon skin with stickers unique to Katowice 2019! The skin itself is determined by which Map Collection your Souvenir Package is a part of (one Package for each map in the competitive rotation). You’ll have a guiding hand in which skin you obtain and the stickers it comes with, but ultimately what you get will be a random, but highly exclusive, piece of the Katowice 2019 Major.

How do I get Souvenir Packages?

The only way to obtain Souvenir Packages is by leveling up your Katowice 2019 Event Coin, which comes with every Viewer Pass. When you first receive it, it’ll be a shiny, if not rather plain, Bronze colour. By leveling up the Coin you can turn it Silver, Gold and eventually Diamond, and with each upgrade comes a Souvenir Package.

To upgrade the Coin, you’ll have to complete a number of challenges. Half of them are related to the Pick’Em mechanic, where you have to make a number of predictions about the Katowice 2019 Major. However, the other half can be completed simply by watching the matches. Even if you don’t do a single Pick’Em challenge, you can still guarantee yourself one Souvenir Package!

Where can I watch the Katowice 2019 Major?

There are multiple ways to tune in to the event and complete those challenges;


The entire event will be streamed inside the CS:GO client. Simply open up CS:GO and the stream will be present on the homepage!


Steam.tv is Valve’s own streaming service and one that provides a whole host of functions such as creating friend-only chat rooms and showcasing your supported team.


Most people will want to watch through Twitch, though there is an extra step involved in ensuring you complete those challenges. Obviously, both the CS:GO in-game client and Steam.tv require your Steam details, but by default, Twitch doesn’t, so you’ll need to link it up with Steam to make the most of your Viewer Pass. Here’s how to do so:

1.Log into Twitch.

2. Head over to your settings, found in a drop-down menu under your name in the top right.

3. Go to the ‘Connections’ tab.

4. You’ll see multiple services, but the one we want is Steam. Simply hit ‘connect’ and you’ll be prompted to log into steam. Once you do that, you’re all set! Any Katowice 2019 matches you watch with that account will now count towards your challenges.

That’s all there is to it! There are plenty of chances for you to get your hands on those fancy Souvenir Packages, so make sure you sort out your preferred way to watch before the Challengers stage ends on the 17th!

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