Updates to the Intel® Extreme Masters Rulebook

Updates to the Intel® Extreme Masters Rulebook

In order to ensure a fair competition ahead of IEM Katowice 2019, we have updated the competition’s rulebook.

Please note that these changes refer to the overall Intel® Extreme Masters Rulebook that governs all competitions and games at the event, not the specific IEM Katowice CS:GO Major 2019 Rulebook, which is separate. These are the most important revisions:


- 2.12.2 - Added clarification about loans.

- 2.12.3 - Added clarification about lineup restrictions for invited teams.

- Added fine and ultimate deadline for player additions.

-2.12.5: Added “Emergency Transfer” rule.

-2.15.2: Renamed, changed to online only.

Event Rules

-4.5: Clothing rule clarified (e.g. other team shirts) & added requirement for closed shoes.

-4.12.1: Changed "gaming areas" into "tournament areas" and added practice rooms. Added vaping to “Food, Drinks, Smoking and Behavior.”

-4.18: Added rule restricting the use of ESL areas.

Rule Violations, Punishments and ESIC

-5.10.5: Added rule for purposeful damage to ESL provided inventory.

Game Specific Rules StarCraft II

-6.2.1: Updated SC2 Map Pool and Veto rule.

Game Specific Rules Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

-7.3.4: Changed bo1 timing for veto and added administration right to do so earlier.

-7.7.2: Changed to allow further punishment in cases of coaching infractions.

Click here to read the full official Intel® Extreme Masters Rulebook.

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