Intel® Extreme Masters Chicago 2018 group stage brackets announced

Intel® Extreme Masters Chicago 2018 group stage brackets announced

The Intel® Extreme Masters Chicago 2018 group stage brackets, to be played on November 6-9, are set.

Group A consists of Astralis, FaZe Clan, MIBR, NRG Esports, North, Renegades, Team LDLC and MVP PK.

Group B is made up by NaVi, Team Liquid, mousesports, BIG, Fnatic, AVANGAR, Luminosity, eUnited.

For IEM Chicago 2018, we have decided to use a new seeding method called “Player-Selected Seeding”. This concept uses teams’ knowledge to create an accurate present ranking of all teams participating at the event. All participants are asked to provide their subjective rankings of their opponents, which are then combined to determine the full tournament seeding. More details on how the seeding format worked and why it was employed is at the bottom of the post.

These are the initial Bo1 matchups that will determine the composition of the upper and lower brackets starting on November 6:

Group A:
Astralis vs. MVP PK
North vs. NRG Esports
MiBR vs. Renegades
Team LDLC vs. FaZe Clan

Group B:
Natus Vincere vs. eUnited
Fnatic vs. BIG
mousesports vs. AVANGAR
Luminosity vs. Team Liquid

The winners from each group will move on directly to the semifinals, to be played on November 10 at the Wintrust Arena. The runners-up and the winners of the lower bracket will have to play each other in the quarter finals for the right to join the top seeds on the main stage.

Click here to see the detailed tournament schedule.

New seeding format:

At ESL we run a large number of events each year.  Those events often differ relative to one another in terms of format, schedule, the geographical makeup of  teams attending, how they qualify and a few other factors. For those reasons we sometimes test different solutions that may come in handy as we come across circumstances that may require a non standard approach in order for us to create optimal conditions for competition.

For IEM Chicago we have set out to test seeding that is crowdsourced from the teams in attendance.  This kind of seeding could be useful in scenarios where for any reason using a ranking to seed is undesirable.  In such a case, one of the next solutions to correctly seed teams is to ask the teams themselves. After all, who if not the players would have a good grasp of the current level of most teams?

Here’s how the seeding worked: we asked each team to submit their 1-15 rating of all other teams in attendance.  We then added up all the teams’ scores based on the 16 submissions. As an additional measure to protect the seeding from manipulation we removed two votes for each team that were the farthest away from the final average.  This protected the seeding from a team deliberately ranking someone high or low in order to potentially dodge them. Further, we have also decided to publish the teams’ votes - if they did something funny, the community would find out about it.

The final seeding based on the voting is below:

Rank - Team
#1 - Astralis
#2 - Natus Vincere
#3 - Team Liquid
#4 - FaZe Clan
#5 - MIBR
#6 - mousesports
#7 - BIG
#8 - NRG Esports
#9 - North
#10 - Fnatic
#12 - Renegades
#13 - Team LDLDC
#14 - Luminosity
#15 - eUnited
#16 - MVP PK

Click here to see how each team voted!

Based on the overall results for IEM Chicago, we have already found ways to improve this seeding method for the future should we want to employ it.  We will publish each team’s votes next week as well.

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