You are currently viewing This team will definitely be crowd favourites - Joe “Munchables” Fenny on H2k ahead of Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice!

This team will definitely be crowd favourites - Joe “Munchables” Fenny on H2k ahead of Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice!

H2k is a team that has come a very long way in the last two years, starting from playing EU challenger series with Febiven still on the roster, qualifying for LCS in Spring 2015 then the roster breaking into fragments and Fnatic grabbing the now-star mid laner. Since that point there has been many iterations of the roster and varying amounts of success, but at Worlds this year, H2k did Europe proud and achieved their best result ever with a semi-final finish.
The biggest question now is whether or not the new H2k players can live up to the legacy set by last season's squad. The two remaining players on the roster are; Jankos - widely renowned as one of europe's best junglers and the first blood king - and Odoamne - a top lane legend who has been consistently able to go toe to toe with the very best. Febiven has once again joined H2k, the organisation that former him as a midlaner and with whom he found his route into professional play, but with only Odoamne remaining from the line-up he knew, this is a very different team now. The final additions are the Korean duo of Nuclear and Chei, Nuclear from SBENU SonicBoom and Chei from the JinAir Greenwings.
As I said before, H2k's history has sometimes been a rocky road with results not necessarily matching the hype, the team's history with IEM matches this pretty accurately. They've only made it to IEM once before at IEM Cologne last season, qualifying through the fan vote system. While it wasn't the most successful tournament ever for the team, they did beat the american all stars Cloud9 2-1 in the quarter-finals, but losing out to Ever (now the notorious BBQ Olivers) in the semis.
So who should you be watching out for?
When you talk about this squad, all eyes are immediately drawn to the mid laner Febiven. Especially with how important mid is in the current meta, with a player that has the calibre of Febiven and the confidence to fight 1v1 he will always be a huge boon to any team. However, I don't think the biggest thing to watch out for will be his mechanics, it'll be down to how well him and Jankos can work together. Both of them can be very aggressive players, but that can be a double edged sword and a lot of teams will be very happy to punish overaggressive.
There's a lot up in the air for this new iteration of H2k, they've been looking good in the EU LCS so far, but certainly not flawless. With Jankos playing on Polish home turf and the roaring crowd of the Spodek Arena being them, this team will definately be crowd favourites. We'll find out if they can do Europe proud at IEM!
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Article by: Joe "Munchables" Fenny