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Can the First Blood King defend his title in Katowice? Munchables on Jankos ahead of IEM World Championship

Jankos and IEM have a fairly storied history, attending multiple events under more than one organisations, it's safe to say the man is an IEM veteran. Having played at IEM Cologne twice, once under Roccat and once under H2k, the man has plenty of experience with multiple rosters and should be a pillar for his team to lean on. He was also out doing Europe proud at worlds this year, managing to make it to semi-finals, so when it comes to international pedigree, Jankos certainly fits the bill.
When discussing Worlds it's important to remember how things started in 2016 for EU. G2 had their disastrous international performances at MSI and then at worlds and things were looking to be at an all time low. There was even a consideration of (dare I say it?) NA being better than EU. Jankos wasn't having any of it though, leading H2k as europe's last beacon of hope. No one anticipated that H2k would come smashing through groups and into the playoffs, but they outdid all expectation and Jankos was a massive boon to the team while they achieved that accolade.
One of Jankos' biggest strengths as a player is often also his biggest weakness. He is very emotional in game, which is a fantastic trait when you're winning, but as we all know emotions are not always positive. In the right circumstances he will be able to inspire his team and the momentum they can glean could be enough to push a win in a game, to a win in a series. The first few games will be crucial for H2k's success at IEM, but with the home crowd chanting his name, spirits should be high.

Despite his wealth of experience and his reputation of being an exceptional jungler, Jankos hasn't won a tournament in quite some time. Jankos' last big win was the Polish ESL Pro Series in 2013 on the squad KMT (who went on to become Roccat), which must now feel like a distant memory. He has had a lot of success though, with just about every team he's been on making at least top 4 in europe with few exceptions, but as with all competitive players, he's sure to be craving that first place glory.
He's had a past of personal achievement and has certainly built up a reputation or jungle domination. He's reached a point in his career where casters are surprised if he doesn't get first blood. He's a Polak who's going to be hitting the mainstage in Katowice and he will have all 14,000 fans in the crowd behind him.
He might get first blood, but can he finally get first place? We'll find out at IEM Katowice!
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Article by: Joe "Munchables" Fenny