The third day in Shanghai saw the Round of 8 being concluded as well as the semifinals. With ShoWTimE having secured his semifinal spot yesterday, it was up to Neeb, Hydra, uThermal, Elazer, viOLet and Nerchio to fight for the three remaining slots, looking ahead at the chance to win a blasting 1,000 WCS points. Who made it all the way to the grand final?

Round of 8 being closed out

In the opening series of the day, Neeb was able to overwhelm Hydra, winning their series with a clean 3-0, giving his opponent a hard time fighting his Pheonix or Adept openings. In the next series, uThermal outplayed Elazer time and time again. Showing some nice Reaper and Bio openings, he only letting one map slip, winning the series 3-1. The final series of Ro8 saw Nerchio and viOLet going the full five maps, before the Korean was able to deliver a big upset by sending one of the favorites of Shanghai packing.
The results:

  • Neeb 3-0 Hydra
  • uThermal 3-1 Elazer
  • viOLet 3-2 Nerchio

The semis knew to surprise

Determining the Protoss playing the grand final, Neeb once more showed how he can put pressure top player his dashing style. ShoWTimE, the #1 on the WCS Ranking, didn’t find a real way to take the upper hand. Neeb went ahead 2-0 before the third game was a long streched game seeing multiple base races, before closing out his third series 3-0 and making it to the final as the first player.
Starting with a rough game one, viOLet was able to take the lead, only to see uThermal striking back and taking the lead after two solid games. viOLet knew how to reply to this, forcing the second semi to go into the fifth and final game. Here uThermal once more knew to impress, keeping viOLet busy with many drops, taking the series 3-2, advancing to the grand final.
The results:

  • ShoWTimE 0-3 Neeb
  • uThermal 3-2 viOLet

The final matches from Shanghai

Don’t miss out the final day of Intel Extreme Masters at ChinaJoy, closing out the competition with the grand final, before the KeSPA Proleague Round 3 Final will take over the stage. Jin Air Green Wings and KT Rolster will face off for the very first matches being played outside of Korea. With players such as HyuN, Maru, sOs, Zest, jjakji or TY on their rosters, we can look forward to even more thrilling games coming our way. Join us from 9:00 CST!
The matches of tomorrow:

  • The Grand Final: Neeb vs. uThermal
  • KeSPA Proleague: Jin Air Green Wings vs. KT Rolster

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