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Fnatic and H2k complete the team lineup for Intel Extreme Masters Cologne

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Intel Extreme Masters Cologne kicks off on December the 18th, when the event will once again return to the ESL studios in Germany to play out another League of Legends tournament. Two European teams were left to be decided in a fan vote and the results are now in - congratulations to Fnatic and H2k!

The full results

  • Fnatic 41%
  • H2k 21%
  • ROCCAT 16%
  • GIANTS 11%
  • ELEMENTS 10%

Fnatic has undeniably been the best European team in the last LCS split. They went on a record 18-0 winning spree in the regular Summer Split and gave up only two games to Origen in the playoffs, coming out victorious in the end nonetheless. They also had a very impressive run at Worlds 2015, where they reached the semifinals in which they lost to KOO Tigers. The team has undergone some big changes since then, with Reignover, Huni and Yellowstar all having left the roster. Now, only mid laner Febiven and AD carry Rekkles remain.
H2k have been consistently staying near the top in the European LCS, placing third in the regular 2015 Spring and Summer Splits as well as playoffs. They qualified to Worlds 2015, where they were placed in a tough group consisting of SKT Telecom T1, Edward Gaming and Bangkok Titans. Their only two wins came from the Titans, and they finished third in the group. Since then, kaSing has left and the team is now on the lookout for a new support.
The Intel Extreme Masters Cologne lineup is now complete! We will see Fnatic and H2k from Europe, Cloud9 and Team Liquid from North America, winners of the keSPA Cup Ever and Qiao Gu Reapers, who are replacing Edward Gaming. We are looking forward to seeing all of the teams compete and show us some world-class League of Legends action in Cologne!
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