You are currently viewing Intel’s CEO to play in a charity League of Legends match at Intel Extreme Masters San Jose!

Intel’s CEO to play in a charity League of Legends match at Intel Extreme Masters San Jose!

Last year, Intel Extreme Masters San Jose saw a celebrity match in ARAM, a League of Legends game mode, featuring some of greatest League veterans. The match delivered tons of fun and excitement and was one of the events' highlights.
We are happy to announce that this year's Intel Extreme Masters San Jose will hold another exhibition match featuring no other than Intel's CEO, Brian Krzanich. He will be joined by nine celebrity gamers to play a round of ARAM in a bid to raise money and awareness for the CyberSmile Foundation.
"I'm a big fan of eSports gaming and after attending Intel Extreme Masters last year I wanted to be in on the action," Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO said. "It's exciting to get to play a match at such a large event as IEM and to be able to game for good to raise money for The Cybersmile Foundation."
The amount of money raised will depend on the performance of Brian's team. Every completed in-game objective and every point scored by Krzanich and his teammates will add to the donation pool. Brian has been dedicating time in his schedule for special training with a coach from ESL.
"It's very brave by a CEO of any company to go on stage and be willing to showcase his skills to a very demanding audience of over a hundred thousand people," says Michal Blicharz, VP Pro Gaming at ESL. "I have never seen anything like this in my ten year history with esports."
The exhibition match will be played on November 21st as the third match of the first day of Intel Extreme masters San Jose. Taking place on one of the event's main stages, it will be streamed on Twitch for all fans to watch. We are looking forward to seeing an exciting and fun match that's dedicated to a good cause.
Intel Extreme Masters returns to SAP Center in San Jose on November 21st and 22nd with tournaments in League of Legends and CS:GO featuring top teams and players. If you want to join us in person for this amazing event, there still tickets available - get yours here!
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