Wanted: passionate fans for Intel Extreme Masters San Jose!

Wanted: passionate fans for Intel Extreme Masters San Jose!

A lot of the magic of large esports events comes from the amazing crowds. For Intel Extreme Masters San Jose, we want as many passionate fans possible, and will be rewarding the most passionate fans at the event with all manner of goodies ranging from Intel Extreme Masters and League of Legends swag all the way to state of the art Intel i7 processors. All you need to do to participate is attend Intel Extreme Masters San Jose and show us your esports passion!

During the event, our ground crew and photographers will be on the look out for and handing out awesome free stuff to people who:

  1. Are passionate, cheering and involved with the action
  2. Have great signs and cheerfuls
  3. Are sporting amazing cosplay

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But that's not all. We will also be giving away tickets to passionate fans before the event to ensure they actually make it and/or get to bring their friends with them! For your very own chance at Intel Extreme Masters San Jose tickets, just do one or more of the following:

  1. Send us picture of the signs and cheerfuls you are preparing for Intel Extreme Masters San Jose
  2. Show us the cosplay you're working on for San Jose by sending us pictures of you building or wearing it
  3. Convince us why you and your friends should come with photos, videos or any other way you can think of - be creative and show us your passion!


Either tweet your pictures, videos and messages at @IEM with the #IEM hashtag or post them on the Intel Extreme Masters Facebook page! We will be messaging winners over the next few weeks as well as sharing our favorites on social media.

So what are you waiting for? Be part of the experience that is stadium esports!