You are currently viewing The results are in! Which LCS teams are coming to Intel Extreme Masters Cologne?

The results are in! Which LCS teams are coming to Intel Extreme Masters Cologne?

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We asked  you to vote, and vote you did. With all of the nearly 40,000 votes now counted, we’re pleased to announce the results of the the poll to decide which three LCS teams - one European and two American - will be joining Fnatic in Cologne from the 18th to the 22nd of December.

The European team

The European LCS team heading to Cologne in December is Gambit Gaming, who have a long history with Intel Extreme Masters. They will face, among others, the recently qualified Moscow 5, which adds an interesting facet to their developing history with Intel Extreme Masters as both teams’ names appear on the tournament series’ iconic trophy. We look forward to once again seeing them compete, with them potentially even qualifying for the World Championship in Katowice.

The North American teams

On the North American side, the community has voted in none other than Team Curse and Counter Logic Gaming, both titans of the NA League of Legends scene in their own right and sure to deliver some nailbiting games. With Curse’s recent addition of Piglet in the AD carry role and CLG’s signing of Scarra as head coach, it will be especially interesting to see the two organizations in action.

Keep an eye on the Intel Extreme Masters site for the latest news about Intel Extreme Masters Cologne, and if you want to be part of the even more Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends action then why not grab your ticket for Intel Extreme Masters San Jose on the 6th and 7th of December?