You are currently viewing Cloud9 and Unicorns of Love confirmed, get your tickets now!

Cloud9 and Unicorns of Love confirmed, get your tickets now!

Representing North America will be Cloud 9, runner-up to TSM in the 2014 LCS regional play-offs and famous for their 30-3 record in Season 3 of the LCS. Known for their strong performance in international competition, they will definitely go into IEM San Jose as one of the favourites, after having gathered an impressive 41.7% of the American vote.

  1. Cloud 9: 41.7%
  2. Team Curse: 34.2%
  3. Counter Logic Gaming: 16.5%
  4. Evil Geniuses: 3.5%
  5. Team 8: 2.5%
  6. Team Dignitas: 1.7%

Their European LCS counterpart will be one of the newest LCS teams, having just qualified through the EU LCS 2014 Spring Promotion tournament by beating a struggling Millenium, 3-2. Coming back from 0-2 in that series, on the back of the first 2014 LCS Poppy pick, made them an instant fan favorite among many viewers. Gathering an incredible 47.9% of the vote Unicorns of Love will be making their way to San Jose as the dark horse of the competition, relatively unknown, but certainly capable of surprise upsets.

  1. Unicorns of Love: 47.9%
  2. SK Gaming: 37.4%
  3. Supa Hot Crew: 9.7%
  4. Copenhagen Wolves: 5.0%

Want to be there as Alliance, TSM, Unicorns of Love and Cloud 9 face off against the top teams from Brazil and the rest of Latin America? General ticket sales are now open - so grab yours before they sell out!