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StarCraft II returns to Canada - qualify now!

Intel Extreme Masters returns to Canada on August 28-31 of this year and brings StarCraft II back to the north! Qualifiers in Europe, America and Asia are set to determine the eight players seeded directly into the tournament's group stages. With two slots for Europe and Asia respectively and three slots for the Americas, one slot will be reserved for a Canadian champion.

Each of the qualifiers start with an open stage, which allows hopefuls from every region to try and qualify. Successful participants in the open stage will then join seeded players in the second and final stage of the qualifier, where the first participants for our Canadian stop are determined.

Once again, an Open Bracket prioritized in accordance to WCS rankings will take place at the event, and will determine four players out of the sixteen participants to be seeded into the Group Stage. The final four, to make up the full sixteen, will be wildcards.

An overview of the qualifiers can be found below.

Qualifier dates 

European Open Qualifier - July 28th 2014

European Final Qualifier - July 30th 2014

• American Open Qualifier - TBA

• American Final Qualifier - TBA

Details for our Canadian and Asian qualifiers will be announced shortly!

Here's an overview what the main tournament will look like: 

Two players from European Qualifiers

Three players from American Qualifiers

Two players from  Asian Qualifiers

One player from Canada

Four players from the Open Bracket

Four wildcard players

In total, there will be sixteen players in a Dual Tournament Group Stage, followed by an eight player Single Elimination Bracket.