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Sao Paulo Poll: YOU determine the first participant

In February we will be back at the Campus Party to bring you some top notch League of Legends and StarCraft II matches.
As a first step for you, you can vote for your favorite from Brazil. A total of three Brazilian teams will take part in the tournament but the winner of the vote starting today will have a guaranteed slot and does not need to play the Qualifier.

The teams waiting for your vote are:

  • paiN Gaming
  • CNB e-Sports Club
  • KaBuM! E-Sports
  • Keyd Team

The other teams will have another shot at the upcoming qualifiers.
The dates will be announced soon. Don't forget to vote for your favorite team before Thursday 12th of December to increase their chances of taking part in the competition. On Friday, 13th of December, we will announce the winner.
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To summarise, teams have the following ways to become a part of IEM Sao Paulo:

  • 1 slot via poll for Brazilian teams
  • 2 slots via Brazil qualifier
  • 3 slots via LatAm qualifiers
  • 1 slot via poll for EU LCS teams
  • 1 slot via poll for NA LCS teams

More details and especially more chances for you to interact with the next stop of Intel Extreme Masters will follow shortly.

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