You are currently viewing Stage 1 Sign-ups & Asian Qualification for Singapore

Stage 1 Sign-ups & Asian Qualification for Singapore

The European and American qualifiers may have ended already, but there are still lots of players left to be determined for Intel Extreme Masters Singapore. With twelve for Stage 2 determined before the tournament and another four coming from Stage 1, with open sign-ups but picked by WCS points, a lot of players to play in the South East Asian metropolis are still left to be determined.

Stage 1

As in Shanghai and New York, sixteen players will once again battle it out in two Double Elimination brackets of eight players each to gain one of four spots in the second stage of the tournament.
Players can now apply for a spot in the tournament and will be selected via their position in the WCS ranking. Half of the spots however are secured for local players from Asia.

How to sign up

In order to sign up for Stage 1 of Intel Extreme Masters Singapore, please send a mail to with the following information: 

  • Full name
  • Link to your Battle.NET profile
  • List of tournament achievements, if available
  • Date of Birth (players are required to be 16 or older)

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 24:00 PST

Additional Information 

  • Fee is 50 U.S. Dollars, to be paid via PayPal
  • Price includes access to the venue
  • If you make it through Stage 1, WCS points and a share of the prize money are guaranteed


Who gets selected?

Players who sign up for the tournament's Stage 1 get selected according to their WCS ranking - the higher their ranking, the more likely they will be picked for a spot in Stage 1.
We will have eight slots for the host region and eight slots open overall.


  • 8 slots for host region, in this case Asia
  • 2 slots for each remaining IEM region, in this case Europe and America
  • 4 slots overall for the rest of the world
  • Regional slots that aren't filled will be added to overall slots
  • Players are prioritized according to their WCS ranking


Asian Qualifiers

Within the next couple of days, Asian qualification will take place in both South East Asia and Korea. One spot is up for grabs in South East Asia, which will surely once again see numerous Australian players try and make their way into the tournament in Singapore, and two spots are to be had in the Korean qualifier.
While the South East Asian qualifier will take place in two stages throughout the weekend, the next three days will see Korea's best gamers compete - presented to you on ESL TV.
Additionally to these two regions, China will have its own qualifier to determine a player with a paid spot in Intel Extreme Masters Singapore. Information on the Chinese qualifier will be released shortly.
You can find links to the qualifiers and their respective brackets on our qualifier page.