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New York: The Groups & Brackets (UPDATE)

UPDATE:  ForGG is not able to attend the event and his spot will be taken by Revival instead. The Group Graphic below has been updated accordingly.
One week from now, the World's Best Gamers are coming to New York. To determine who plays against whom in the tough Stage 1 Double Elimination brackets as well as the insanely stacked groups for Stage 2, the brackets and groups have been drawn today.
For some of the players, this is the last chance to secure themselves a spot the WCS Grand Finals at BlizzCon. As some of the most successul WCS participants will be taking part, nail-biting matches are guaranteed.

The Groups

The players already through to Stage 2, eight from qualifiers and four from wildcards, have been  seeded into their respective groups. Each group will be joined by one more player from Stage 1. The groups will be played out in a Dual Tournament format with two players from each group advancing to the bracket. Group play starts on October 11th, 2013.


Stage 1

With sixteen players in Stage 1 and only four spots left in Stage 2, competition is tough to get through to play on in the tournament and get a share of the prize money and WCS points. The two Double Elimination brackets will be played out on-site on the first day of the event, October 10th 2013.
An overview of information about the tournament, the brackets for Stage 1 and the groups in Stage 2 can be found on our event page.