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New York: Day 3 - The last foreign hope prevails

With incredible play, the Zerg players in the Intel Extreme Masters New York quarterfinals have dominated their Protoss enemies all throughout the bracket. With Life's impressive 3:0 win over HerO and Curious finishing 3:2 over Protoss favourite sOs, the two Zerg players will face each other in the semi finals tomorrow.
On the other half of the bracket, a ZvZ between HyuN - who had surprised the crowd playing in a spiderman costume - and DongRaeGu, HyuN impressed with consistently good play and moved on to the semifinal.
Meeting HyuN on that side of the bracket will be the last foreign hope NaNiwa, who played a convincing 3:1 against sOs that sent shivers down the backs of the crowd. 
Tomorrow renders the last day of Intel Extreme Masters New York and will show the semifinals and Grand Final being played out.
The matches in order:

  1. NaNiwa vs. HyuN (Semifinal #1)
  2. Life vs. Curious (Semifinal #2)
  3. Grand Final

Find all information about the tournament on our tournament page and make sure to tune in tomorrow when the action continues on ESL TV.