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New York: Day 2 - Groups are kicking off

After DongRaeGu has made it out of Stage 1 yesterday, along with the three other Korean players Hack, Life and San, today is his chance to try and get through to the main bracket to then defend his title as New York's Intel Extreme Masters champion. 
Besides DongRaeGu, it is up for the foreign players of TLO, NaNiwa, State, HuK and qxc to prove themselves and stand above their Korean competitors - can they do it today? We will be showing as many of  their matches as possible on the main stage.

You can find the match order of matches shown on ESL TV below. All other matches will be shown on MLG's stream.
Match Order (ESL TV)

  1. TLO vs. HyuN
  2. Winner's Match Group A
  3. NaNiwa vs. Hack
  4. Winner's Match Group B
  5. State vs. Flash
  6. Winner's Match Group C
  7. HuK vs. sOs
  8. Winner's Match Group D


Find all information about the tournament such as yesterday's brackets, groups, schedule and much more on our tournament page.