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New York: Day 2 - 4 through, 4 more to go

With the four players HyuN, Curious, HerO and San, four Korean players have made it out of the Group Stage so far. With two Zergs and two Protoss making it through so far, all Terran hope lies in Flash and Hack to win their respective matches.
Tomorrow morning, the Group Stage will continue with the four final and deciding matches. With the conclusion of those matches, all eight players to play in the Ro8 will be known, and the tournament will continue with the four quarterfinals right away.
You can already find the bracket (thus far) on our tournament page.
The matches will be shown on ESL TV and MLG in English, while streams in German, French and many more languages are also available.
Find more information on the bracket, groups, tournament, schedule and everything else you need to know on our tournament page.