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New York: Day 1 concluded, Groups drawn

Starting with 16 players and a large pool of North American players, Stage 1 concluded with four Korean players advancing over the local talent here at Intel Extreme Masters New York. While most people may have expected these four players to move on through the brackets, upsets did happen, such as DeMusliM's loss against the relatively unknown Protoss player sWs.
Besides that, DongRaeGu is once again on the move into the group stage and will surely try his best to defend his title throughout the coming days.

The groups tomorrow will see the World's Best Gamers clash in a Dual Tournament format - only the first four out of five matches will be played out tomorrow though, leaving the final deciding matches of every group until Saturday, which will be directly followed by the quarter finals. Four players will already move through to the Quarter Finals tomorrow though - who will they be?
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