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Life finds a way

With amazing play, Life was able to easily take down Curious 3:0, a fellow Zerg player, and secure his position into the final. On the other side of the bracket, Naniwa was having a tougher time against his opponent Hyun. With a 2 map lead, things were looking grim for Naniwa, but he managed to turn it around and finish the series 3:2 and move on to the finals.
After some nice aggresive timings, StarTale Life was able to defeat Naniwa on Polar Night and Akilon Wastes but with an amazing hold on Bel'Shir Vestige and a bit of early manner hatches by Life, Naniwa was able to defeat Life and take a map for his own.
These manner hatches were almost the bane of Life's existence as on Whirlwind, Naniwa pulled out another amazing hold but was unable to defeat Life as the battle came down to 2 Void Rays vs 2 Queens and 4 Hydralisks. With excellent decision making on Yeonsu, Naniwa was able to extend the series for another map, but Life decided it had been enough and took him down on Frost taking the series 4:2.
StarTale Life now adds an IEM trophy next to his other ones from GSL and MLG. He also takes home $10,000 and 750 WCS Points. Naniwa, who came in second place, recieves $4,000 and 450 WCS points, which increase his odds to go to Blizzcon.