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Get your tickets for Cologne!

Tickets for Intel Extreme Masters Cologne are now on sale! With single day tickets as well as weekend tickets, you can go grab your ticket on eventbrite. They are available at the price of 7€ for a single day ticket.
If you don't want to miss how the world's best gamers - 10 of the best League of Legends teams from across the globe - Intel Extreme Masters Cologne, taking place in the ESL Studios, is your chance!
Please note that minors under the age of 16 can only enter the event when joined by their parents.

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Intel Extreme Masters Cologne
After the first Intel Extreme Masters event in the ESL Studios in December 2012, Intel Extreme Masters Cologne is returning with incredile League of Legends action between 4 teams in an amateur event for $30,000 and 6 teams in a pro event for $50,000. With the best teams in western League of Legends, the event in Cologne will take place November 23-24.