Cologne: Two days of LoL in the ESL TV Studios! (UPDATE)

Cologne: Two days of LoL in the ESL TV Studios! (UPDATE)

UPDATE: The poll for the European teams will go live on Monday, October 14th as opposed to Thursday, October 10th.
On the 23rd and 24th of November you will have the chance to experience an additional event of the Intel Extreme Masters in the ESL home base in Cologne, Germany. A total prize pool of $80,000 total is up for grabs for both the LoL pro teams as well as LoL amateur teams who make it into the main tournament.
Your vote is needed: Choose the four LCS teams that will go through to the IEM Pro Tournament in Cologne, Germany!

The Pro Tournament: Six teams, $50,000 and a lot of action!

In the Pro Tournament at IEM Cologne, four LCS teams will face the best teams from the Russian and the Turkish regions. Which the four LCS teams in the tournament will be is up to you!
We're setting up polls on IEM Facebook where you can vote for two LCS EU and two LCS US team you want to see clashing in Cologne. CLG, Cloud9, Dignitas, Fnatic, Lemondogs, ALTERNATE and more are counting on your vote!
The first poll will start today, October 9th, and will offer you the option to vote for NA teams. The second poll will start tomorrow, October 10th, and include the EU teams. Votes cast on these polls will be counted until including October 15th.


Find the polls on Facebook!

Besides the $50,000 Pro Tournament there will be another $30,000 Amateur Tournament with four teams facing on the big stage. Find more information on the Intel Extreme Masters and upcoming events on
Information regarding qualifiers for the amateur tournament as well as the Turkish and CIS qualifiers for the pro tournament will be released soon!