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Cloud 9 and CLG to represent America in Cologne

The poll, counting votes from a massive amount of our userbase, was quite clear from the beginning as in which teams were racing head to head towards their spot in Cologne. With Cloud 9 and Counter Logic Gaming quite far ahead it was between them to decide whoever gets the first place and thus the better seed - directly into the semifinals.
As the tournament will feature 6 teams, the first place team, in this case Cloud 9, will directly be seeded into the semifinal, whereas the runner-up, Counter Logic Gaming, will have to face tough competition in the quarterfinal to show they're deserving of a spot in the Ro4.
Poll results

  1. Cloud 9 - 48.08% (seed into Semifinal)
  2. Counter Logic Gaming - 39.89% (seed into Quarterfinal)
  3. Team Dignitas - 12.03%


European Poll

Similarly to the American vote, albeit with two more teams up for participation, the European poll is currently running on our facebook page. Featuring the European champions Fnatic, runner-up Lemondogs as well as Gambit Gaming , Team ALTERNATE and Evil Geniuses, the European poll will determine another two teams in Intel Extreme Masters Cologne.


You can still vote for the team you would like to see in Cologne until Thursday at midnight (PST)!


Find the poll on Facebook!


Qualification Turkey & CIS

The final two teams in the Intel Extreme Masters Cologen Pro Tournament will be determined through qualifiers in Turkey and CIS, on their respective servers. Being two emerging regions within the competitive League of Legends scene, it will be interesting to see them compete with the LCS veterans.
The winning team from each of these qualifiers will take a place in the quarterfinals. Whichever team wins the Turkish qualifier will be seeded against the Americans from Counter Logic Gaming, while the CIS team will play against the European poll's runner-up which is yet to be determined.
Qualifier Information:

  • CIS Qualifier, October 18th, 2013 - 20:00 MSK (Moscow Standard Time)
  • Turkey Qualifier, October 19th, 2013 - 14:00 EET (Eastern European Time)

Amateur Tournament 

Besides the $50,000 Pro Tournament there will be another $30,000 Amateur Tournament with four teams facing on the big stage. Find more information on the Intel Extreme Masters and upcoming events on
Information on how to qualify for the Amateur Tournament will be released soon.