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Qualifier Dates for New York!

Our online qualifiers for Intel Extreme Masters New York will once again take place separately in the three regions Europe & Africa, Asia & Oceania and The Americas. As The Americas are playing host to the event, the region will get four slots, with one of these slots going to a player from the US, and three up for grabs to anyone in North & South America.
Out of the remaining four slots, two will go to Europe while the other two are split up: one for Korea, and the other one for SEA and China.

All qualified players will have their hotel and flights paid for and are seeded into the Ro16.


Qualifiers for Europe and America will take place during the end of August and beginning of September, while the dates for Asia are still left to be determined and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Qualifier Dates:

Europe & Africa:

31.8.2013 - European & African Open Qualifier

1.9.2013 - European & African Qualifier Final (2 Slots)


The Americas:

6.9.2013 - US Qualifier (1 Slot)

7.9.2013 - American Open Qualifier

8.9.2013 - American Qualifier Final (3 Slots)


An overview for all qualifiers can also be found on our Qualifier Page.