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World Championship Interviews & Videos

The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship saw a great deal of online coverage from the international eSports press. For five days the press room was filled with journalists from all over the world who covered the event. Between them they produced a lot of great content, especially video interviews. Check out all the videos from ESL TV and the eSports press.

Opening Day Impressions - Wednesday Impressions - Thursday Impressions - Friday Impressions

Video Interviews

Ocelote Nerchio qu1ksh0t Kas eRot1c
Snute paiN.Gaming Angush sLivko ToD

TLO Darien MaNa David Hiltscher viOLet
Hyrqbot SirT Kas Stephano Millenium
Socke Kaelaris SeltzerPlease Tabzz Wickd
kev1n Snute Mokatte AlexIch Ocelote

Alex Ich Joe Miller Stephano Snoopeh SeltzerPlease
kev1n ReDeYe JoRoSaR viOLet CloudTemplar